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VITEEE 2011: Golden rules to excel in entrance exam

by Manisha Verma

Vellore Institute of Technology is one of the leading technical institutes of the country. Vellore Institute of Technology Engineering Entrance Exam (VITEEE) is an entrance exam for admission to bachelor engineering courses in Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), Vellore, and Tamil Nadu. If you want to be a part of this prestigious institute, you need to clear entrance exam named VITEEE. After clearing this exam one can get admission in the course he/she wants on the basis of scores of the examination and the ranking in VITEEE.

The entrance exam is conducted on an all India basis. Students across the country appear in this exam to secure a seat in this prestigious institute. Vellore Institute of Technology Engineering Entrance Exam (VITEEE) is an entrance exam for admission to bachelor engineering courses in Vellore Institute. Some useful tips for students to crack this prestigious exam:

Be mentally prepared: To achieve a good rank in this exam first prepare yourselves mentally for VITEEE. Prepare yourself to give two years of dedicated effort for VITEEE.

Understand basic concepts: It is really important to complete your NCERT books as these textbooks will help you to build your base and you can learn the basics. Always ensure that you are covering all topics of NCERT books well on time. The VITEEE syllabus of Class 11 and Class 12 covers about 45 percent and 55 percent of the VITEEE question papers, respectively.

Develop speed and accuracy skills: While preparing for the VITEEE give importance to speed in working out the problems. Try to make your own strategy to crack the exam. Enhance your skills and try to master analytical skills with conceptual understanding. Aim for 100 percent strike rate. This will give you an edge over the other students. Speed and accuracy is really important to crack this VITEEE exam.

Practice a lot: VITEEE exam require lots of hard work and practice. The more you practice, the better it is for you. The more you spend time on solving the question the more you get familiar with problems and fine tune your basic concepts.

Develop thinking skills: To achieve good score in VITEEE you need to be a good thinker. Most of the problems in VITEEE test your thinking abilities. Here you are supposed to think as an engineer while solving the questions. You will be paid for your thinking power.

Judge Questions: Develop a tendency of judging the questions. This habit you can develop while practicing for your VITEEE. Try to develop of habit to judge the difficulty level of the question just by looking at it.

Clear your concepts: Take a proper guidance from your teacher. Try to clear the confusion and clear your concepts. It is really important to have a good base and strong foundation to solve all level of questions.

Group study: If possible try to study in group. It might be that while studying alone you might find some topic unimportant but in group you came to know about its worth. Studying in a group you get chances to clear your concepts and queries.

Stress Management: It is really important to develop a habit to manage your stress level. Try to stay cool and calm in all kind of situations. Do at least 30 minutes of yoga to increase your concentration and decrease your stress level.

Practice more and more mock papers: To have an idea about the exam pattern and style you should practice more and more practice papers. The more you practice the better it is. VITEEE test is computer based test, it is suggested that to practice mock test online.

Time Management: VITEEE is not about solving all questions, but it is about solving decent number of questions in a given time frame. If you are unable to solve any question do not waste time on a particular question. Move to the next question and try to solve easy questions rather than focusing and spending more time on solving more difficult question.

Make notes: Take notes of the tips preparing for VITEEE exam. It helps a lot in last minute revision. Make your notes your best friend during exam. You can make your short notes and make the information handy for you, so that all the time you will not go back to your books again and again.

Make Schedule: Always make schedule for your study: planned study is always better than last minute study. You get more time to understand the fundamentals and also can study without any pressure. Planned study give better results.

Last year papers: Last year papers are good way to know the pattern the questions. Also many time questions are repeated from last year papers. Solve all the last year papers. You can get tons of last year papers online.

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